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Acropolis Homes is a brand built on the experience of Homely Estates. It is a response to the growing interest in Mediterranean real estate. We are broadening the investment horizons of our clients, who are increasingly choosing to invest in southern Europe instead of local properties. Such ventures are a good solution not only for a secure investment of one's capital for the future, but also for a high, stable return.
We offer comprehensive support for the acquisition of properties located even a few thousand kilometres from your home. We present only proven investments from the primary and secondary market. We value the safety of our investments, which is why we only cooperate with developers with extensive and successful experience. Thanks to the long-term investments of our partners, today we can offer properties in the most attractive locations in southern Cyprus and the sunny coast of Greece.

* Offer applies to selected properties

How do we work?

We support from the very beginning of the creation of an investment idea by examining the needs of our clients. We accompany you right up to the completion of all formalities on site. Thanks to our many years of experience in the real estate sector, we offer extensive specialist knowledge.
We can offer a free tour where you will have the opportunity to get to know your chosen property well. We will help with transfers, accommodation and a thorough understanding of the chosen location. Our local partners will help you to formalise the transaction smoothly and are ready to solve any problem. We will support you in legal matters and with the entire transaction and even advise you on issues related to permanent residence, opening a local bank account or choosing education centres.

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Mild climate, high standard of living, low costs and one of the lowest income taxes. Find out why foreign investment is a great solution for you.


Will you choose a view of sandy beaches or idyllic landscapes laced with warm Mediterranean breezes?